If blood clotted in other parts of the body's arteries subsequently entering the brain, we have embolic stroke. In this case the clot was formed somewhere other than in the brain itself.

Another issue might be the kind of fish eaten. Omega-3 fatty acids are much more prevalent in fish that come from cold, Northern waters. Fish like tuna, for instance, tend to have a much higher omega-3 fatty acid concentration than fish from tropical waters. In addition, farm raised fish of any species have less omega-3's than fish caught wild. Fish don't make omega-3 essential fatty acids. They get them from their diet. Additionally , the diet of farmed fish is generally deficient in omega-3's.

Smoking is a factor that is not a good lifestyle choice. It is a habit and if you are having a tough time in making the last puff, reach out to health care professionals for help. They can help with choosing smoking cessation aids, medication, if necessary, and finding community support groups to help snuff out this bad habit.

Mount Kisco, NY. (PRWEB) January 21, 2009 -- What do cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's, digestive track disorders, macular degeneration, and chronic fatigue syndrome all have in common? They are all caused by chronic low grade inflammation according to researcher, physician, and epidemiologist Dr. Vijaya Nair.

According to David Liebeskind, MD, professor of neurology, Director of Outpatient Stroke and Neurovascular Programs and Director of the Neurovascular Imaging Research Core at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, in no other medical condition (probably) is timely treatment as important as it is for stroke. Because the brain is very sensitive to a lack of blood flow, there is a very small window in which to start treatment. He believes, the longer a patient waits for treatment, the more devastating the consequences.”

With his back healed, Pax, at age 53, decided to trade in his runner's/swimmer's body for that of a bodybuilder. Driven by his lifelong philosophy of "total commitment," he became quite successful in the world of bodybuilding, culminating with his winning the Mr. USA title at age 60.

To treat heat stroke, rehydration is very important to ensure that the blood flow within the body is still normal. Oral fluids are important such as cool sports drinks with less glucose. If oral fluids are not tolerated, then IV fluids should be used. The person should also be staying in a cool environment and adequate rest is required. There are different methods of making the body cool down, including evaporation, immersion and placing ice packs under the armpits and the groin. However, the temperature should be brought down and maintained at 38.5 – 39 degree Celsius so as not to make the body too cold.